Family instruction

We believe that God has designed the family to be the primary factory in which disciples are produced. While the elders of Mt. Rose Church are to undertake the duty, privilege, and joy of "equipping the saints" (Ephesians 4.12), the parents of children at Mt. Rose Church are to undertake the duty, privilege, and joy of "teaching your children" (Deuteronomy 6.7). 

Part of Mt. Rose Church's mission is to restore lives in harmony with God's design. It is therefore our hope and intention to see that ours be an assembly of believers where "one generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts" (Psalm 145.4). One of the ways we do this is through our brief teaching service in which people of all generations and entire families are taught and learn together. 

What do we teach?

We aren't very innovative. And in fact, we prefer it that way. Our approach to instruction is one which we believe to be marked by the "ancient paths, where the good way is" (Jeremiah 6.16). The church has long laid as the foundation of its teaching the Apostle's Creed, the Ten Commandments, the Lord's Prayer, and the Sacraments. While there is more to our theological training than these topics, there is never less. So we begin here and equip our families to build upon this firm foundation. 

How do We do this?

We find it most appropriate for our families to spend a time of being instructed together on the Lord's Day.

After our corporate worship service we break for forty five minutes to eat, play, and talk together. Families bring their own prepared lunch to eat at the church, or they are welcome to cook their meal in the church's kitchen. There are also a number of restaurants near enough to the church that offer a quick meal. 

At 1:00pm we gather again for half an hour of instruction in a family-accessible format. And though we intend kids to be present with their parents in this instructional time, kids are not the sole audience addressed. After half an hour of instruction, we open the floor to discussion before formally dismissing in time to be home for afternoon naps.