Worship is the ultimate reason we gather. Beyond spending time with one another, beyond learning of the Bible and theology, beyond considering how we might serve those inside and outside of our community, beyond evangelism itself, the church gathers to worship the Triune God.

What we sing

The church is a covenant community called into existence through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But the Gospel’s work is not done when it calls the church into existence. The church’s Triune God both sustains and shapes the church’s existence by the gospel. This truth is at the core of everything Mt. Rose does. And so when we gather as God’s worshippers, we praise him because of the Gospel. It is our endeavor to sing only those songs (whether they be from the inspired Psalter, the historical treasury of Hymns the church possesses, or the newer deposits of contemporary songs) which declare the sovereign work of redemption accomplished by our great God. We are led by gifted musicians who strive for excellence and subtlety. We do not shy away from instrumentation, but always want the voices of the redeemed to be primary. 

What we hear

Just as we sing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so we hear of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our preaching ministry. We believe the Gospel to never grow old and never to be ineffectual. Furthermore, we believe that one message of the Lord’s redemption to be the backbone of the unfolding of the biblical narrative. For that reason, our preaching ministry covers both Old and New Testaments as all Scripture points to the work of Christ upon the cross. In our desire to take the Bible seriously, we engage in exegetical preaching which attempts to exposit entire books of the Bible in a systematic way. What does that mean? It means we take the very words of the Scriptures seriously and attempt to understand their meaning and application to life.